Whether I am playing pool, working on an engine, or working on a piece of art the common threads are passion and focus.  To me, the details matter and the time spent perfecting them via repetition and focus is priceless. 

My work is guided by education and experience spanning modernist architecture, jazz music, philosophy, chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, and some other things as well.  I have undergraduate degrees in biochemistry and philosophy, and a Ph.D. in pharmacology from Vanderbilt University. 

In a way, I have been developing these ideas for most of my life.  It just took me a little while to take my ideas and translate them into visual art.

Given how much I enjoy finding common patterns in things that seem to be very different (thematic interconnectedness), I have some goals about mixing my artwork with motorsports and some other passions of mine as well.

So far, I have had the good fortune to be able to create some art for some great individuals and organizations and I can’t wait to see what adventure is next on the horizon…

Thanks for taking a look,

R.R. Lavieri