Commissioned projects vary in price depending on the number and size of pieces, complexity, materials used, and timeline. I focus on scientific, biological, and chemical themes, but it is likely that I won’t be able to accommodate all requests within these areas.


If it is not practical for me to visit the location where the work(s) will be displayed I will ask for photographs (snapshots are fine) of the area where the work will be displayed. 

After we develop a concept including both practical details such as size, budget, logistics, timeline etc. and artistic direction I will prepare a letter of agreement which states all of the relevant details and obligations that you have to me and that I have to you.

Depending on my workload commissions can take anywhere from a month to 6 months (or potentially longer for very large projects) to complete.


Right now, the minimum I typically charge for a commissioned project consisting of one piece is about $3,000.

It is impossible to estimate the price for a commission without knowing a significant number of details.  However, I will give you a quote, in writing, before any work is started and before any payment is due.

For example, one 36” x 36” gallery wrapped canvas that we ship to a client to be installed by the client at his or her private residence or office will be an entirely different price than an exhibit consisting of multiple large pieces and informational placards etc. that we will pack, ship and then travel across the country to setup at a corporate headquarters or other large space.