All artwork on this site is protected by copyright.

Please read the following information before contacting me about a potential image use:


I license images for books, magazines, and other purposes.  I charge a fee for their use.  If you would like to license an image please contact me with the following information:

·      The image(s) you would like to use

·      Where you would like to use them

·      Your desired image size

·      Your purpose of use

·      How long you would like to use the image

·      The likely number of people that will see the image

These criteria are required to help my team figure out the licensing cost.

In general, I do not allow any changes to be made to licensed images.

However, if you are interested in working on a collaborative project with me I am willing to discuss concepts.



Feel free to use images in scientific (or other) powerpoint presentations, etc.  You may download the image(s) you need from this website for that purpose.  All images must be credited with the name of the piece, the year, my name, and my website URL.

For example:

4-Way Stop

R.R. Lavieri, 2017


In short, anything that I do not approve in writing.

If you have questions whether the use you have in mind is permitted, just ask. Send a request and description of use via the contact form.